The Music of the Ancient World: Introducing the works of Michael Levy

In December of 2013 I stumbled upon the website of Michael Levy. He can be described as a composer for the lyre, an instrument that has its roots in ancient world. I immediately began to appreciate his music as it was a doorway to our past. As a result I ended up purchasing digital copies of his music on Amazon, specifically from the album titled The Ancient Greek Lyre. It was such a great listen that I even wrote a review:

History Brought to Life

Michael Levy, a talented musician, has done an excellent job of reviving the music of the ancient world. I can only imagine the ancient Greek symposium where philosophical debates (and drinking) took place whilst being entertained by beautiful music such as this. Or when epics such as Homer’s Iliad & Odyssey were sung to the lyre. I am extremely grateful for stumbling onto his work.

I also placed one of the tracks (Hymn to the Muse) as the background music to my project, An Age of Heroes.

I mention all of this because I follow Michael on both YouTube and Google+ and he routinely posts updates and new compositions always worth listening to. So if you desire to listen to the music of the ancient world, that is ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hurrian, etc., I would definitely check out his work. It truly does bring the old world history to life.

About Petros

I see myself as a “literary archaeologist.” No field work is required. The purpose of this self appointed and non-existent discipline is to marry two fields which do not cooperate very well with each other: archaeology and literary studies. The texts are historical artifacts and must be treated as such.

3 thoughts on “The Music of the Ancient World: Introducing the works of Michael Levy

  1. Excellent! I’ve never met Michael but I’ve given as much “tech support” to him from afar as I can over his developing career – the lyre he plays currently is one I recommended to him (made by Marini Made Harps here in the US). I marvel indeed at how far he has come in his endeavors.

    May I propose that you look at my Website as well? The subject it treats is one of the sources which inspired Michael to take up his musical quest in the first place (himself being half-Levite by descent).

    Best wishes,
    John Wheeler (יוחנן רכב)

    1. John,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your recommendation to visit your website: I bookmarked it and fully intend on visiting it in the very near future.

    2. John,

      I finally took some time to actually browse through your blog and it is beyond fascinating. I have been reading out of the Hebrew Tanakh for over a decade in my historical research. I never thought too much of those “symbols.” My wife is also of Jewish descent and I have been to many of synagogues and heard the rabbis “sing” the words of Biblical verses and prayer. Nothing compares to the beautiful compositions that Suzanne Haik-Vantoura rediscovered and reconstructed. I fully intend on acquiring a copy of at least one of the reissued CDs out in circulation and do intend to write more about this amazing discovery. Thank you again for sharing this.

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