Ancient Origins Feature: Those Who Once Reigned: Experts Name Famous and Forgotten Ancient Gods

I may be a couple of weeks late in announcing this but it is better late than never. Ancient Origins decided to ask some of its contributing authors the following question:

Ancient Origins asked experts to weigh in on the topic of ancient deities. Some ancient gods get all the attention – but which gods are largely forgotten… and why? The following is their views on individual gods that have largely been forgotten and/or which gods they believed were the most significant of the cultures they ruled over. Some of their answers may surprise you!

You will find my response in listing number 3.

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I see myself as a “literary archaeologist.” No field work is required. The purpose of this self appointed and non-existent discipline is to marry two fields which do not cooperate very well with each other: archaeology and literary studies. The texts are historical artifacts and must be treated as such.