New articles, a book review, and new images…

It has been a little while since I last updated this site. I have two new articles to share. The first article is published in the Ancient Origins 3rd Year Anniversary e-book, Unraveling Ancient Mysteries. My article is titled, In Search of King Alcinous: Who were the legendary Phaeacians? The e-book is free to download so be sure to check it out alongside articles of other talented researchers.

The second article is also being hosted by Ancient Origins but only in their subscription-based members site. The article titled, Perseus and the Legendary Rescue of Andromeda: Slaying of a Dangerous Sea Monster. If you haven’t already, please be sure to also check this out. This new subscription site provides the subscriber with a wealth of historical content and resources.

There is also a book review I forgot to mention back in December on Christopher Smith’s The Etruscans: A Very Short Introduction.

Last, I wanted to share some photographs I took from a recent visit to the Field Museum in Chicago. The photographs highlight a new ancient Greek exhibit, that will be here until April of this year, The Greeks – Agamemnon to Alexander the Great. You can view these photographs in the Gallery page.

About Petros

I see myself as a “literary archaeologist.” No field work is required. The purpose of this self appointed and non-existent discipline is to marry two fields which do not cooperate very well with each other: archaeology and literary studies. The texts are historical artifacts and must be treated as such.